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2 hazelnut soy lattes to go please...

Ah, the comforting sound of the kettle boiling as you log-on and shuffle yourself into a comfy position at your desk. Even better if accompanied by a chocolate biscuit*. So this week we are turning our focus to basic supplies in the practice, starting with our drinks. Nope, we haven’t all gone vegan, but...

  • We are changing our staff-room coffee to Fairtrade. This is a great concept that ensures the farmers producing the coffee beans are paid a fair price, enabling them to continue their business and feed their families. Sounds good, right? Read more about this here.

  • Our teabags are Rainforest Alliance Certified™. This means the producers have to meet social, environmental and economic sustainability standards, e.g. conserving natural resources and using sustainable farm management. Check out this link for more information.

  • There are no water coolers at either of our sites. These are expensive to run, there is a large environmental cost in the production of the unit as well as the enormous plastic bottles, these are tricky to store, it's all costly to the practice and therefore the NHS, and not good for the environment. Plus we have perfectly good cold water taps!

Next week will be plastic-themed, by popular demand...

*Preferably a chocolate Hobnob. Other biscuits are available.

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