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My Favourite posters and educational bits and bobs you can download and use

These are some of the posters I've made, often adapted from or inspired by very excellent colleagues like the Greener Practice national website, Plant-Based Health Professionals UK, Clean air Hub, and the South West Greener practice group. So, find a good spot on the wall next to your couch or in front of the loo, sit back and relax as the questions come rolling in...

Resilience Workshop - teaching materials
Climate-friendly prescription
Which Bin
Greener Practice Trashketball
Equipment no logos
mini stickers
unwanted medicines
Switch off at the end of your session
Copy of Untitled (42 × 59 px) (3)
Untitled (42 × 59 px) (2)
When it comes to managing your period, (59.4 × 42 cm) (2)
teaching kids to swallow tablets (8)
teaching kids to swallow tablets (9)
inhalers pic
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