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Our green project: first steps!

We have had a great start to our green initiative over the past week. Already our staff have made many suggestions about ways in which we can reduce waste.

Latest progress:

  • Look out for new posters at both our sites promoting the nationwide inhaler recycling scheme 'Complete The Cycle'. Our dispenser Delia had the excellent idea of attaching a small note to all inhalers we dispense, encouraging patients to take their used inhalers to Tesco Pharmacy at Askham Bar. If you are a dispensing patient with asthma or COPD there may be a note on its way to you very soon!

  • We are currently on the council's waiting list for recycling. Our staff are committed to recycling in their own homes and we look forward to being able to continue this good practice at work.

  • Did you know that we recycle our printer cartridges? These are collected by Yorkshire Air Ambulance, so as well as being better for our carbon footprint it also benefits a fantastic local charity.

Our list of improvements so far has now been submitted to the Royal College of General Practitioners so they can keep an eye on our efforts, to check that we are doing all we can to meet the criteria set out by the Green Impact for Health website. These criteria are based on the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development (2015). You can read more about these here.

And finally...

Your Practice needs YOU!

Please post your eco-friendly suggestions here (click on ‘comment’ below) or speak to Reception, we would love to hear from you. Perhaps you are part of a local community group that you feel others might benefit from? Maybe you have recently made some positive sustainability changes in your own home or workplace? Let us know so we can share this with other patients.

Thanks for reading and have a happy and healthy week. Remember: reduce, re-use, recycle!

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